Average Flag Distance Moved

Note: A player could have a higher personal best in an "average" category than the all-time record without actually holding the record. This is because there is not enough data for that player in that category to be confident that it is not a fluke (average records are sorted using a Bayesian average).

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PlacePlayerAverageTotal Rounds As OffenseBayesian AverageDate
1biohaZ7626.151947360.568 years, 11 months ago
2grimace7473.082017221.588 years, 11 months ago
3Features-6876.6346267748 years, 11 months ago
4korey7323.26856766.058 years, 5 months ago
5squeek.6983.711826725.058 years, 11 months ago
6mnzy6545.273526417.658 years, 11 months ago
7NeoNLight6472.422416289.738 years, 10 months ago
8Sabbath6415.692836260.838 years, 11 months ago
9Great and Powerful 0z6083.115376004.838 years, 11 months ago
10fluffyhamster6475.26645836.858 years, 11 months ago
11spoon6035.881655790.248 years, 11 months ago
12docta sw00pspl0si0n.PhD6495.22575784.88 years, 11 months ago
13hadeZ5780.963625671.38 years, 11 months ago
14big ohjae5765.24175670.028 years, 11 months ago
15Largos^5886.221205561.788 years, 11 months ago
16Raynian8139.5145426.348 years, 11 months ago
17DraKoNaL5429.011115106.958 years, 11 months ago
18Moto6366.95265016.398 years, 11 months ago
19Gangstar in Pumas5078.41474847.568 years, 8 months ago
20chef-4955.632224804.158 years, 11 months ago
21Trailer5323.97544713.028 years, 11 months ago
22Wicked_Clown6277.21214707.918 years, 11 months ago
23homie in reeboks'4853.881984688.148 years, 11 months ago
24cynical^HeLL4910.161304659.278 years, 9 months ago
25aleXtric4707.82834594.168 years, 11 months ago
26rawDawg.f$4794.191074499.818 years, 10 months ago
27Demetrius6165.1184438.878 years, 10 months ago
28nine4697.531114418.868 years, 11 months ago
29FaiLio5620.75244351.558 years, 10 months ago
30MafiaMan4379.393064281.458 years, 11 months ago
31Cloud has left the game4963.26394207.988 years, 10 months ago
32frizz4588.06734186.68 years, 10 months ago
33Spacebutler4563.29764178.448 years, 11 months ago
34CaptainAhab5086.09304123.858 years, 11 months ago
35garbooda5254.83254105.348 years, 4 months ago
36oats5250.89244065.218 years, 11 months ago
37bbb. Neptune5076.64274031.458 years, 10 months ago
38onE4274.61144027.318 years, 10 months ago
39CrunK4470.62624017.088 years, 11 months ago
40Banana Hammock7105.4693996.828 years, 4 months ago
41* ( > Peppas5960.07143973.388 years, 10 months ago
42Air^5228.34223966.338 years, 9 months ago
43GuY4381.67593916.958 years, 10 months ago
44Prime-3899.462573796.068 years, 11 months ago
45zexel?3928.421113695.378 years, 8 months ago
46lope4000.51583569.698 years, 11 months ago
47SpyerTron3693.621793554.628 years, 10 months ago
48teamcake. cae4560.8233496.618 years, 8 months ago
49WORKER | beees3586.612163474.038 years, 10 months ago
50rodox8254.1253439.228 years, 10 months ago
51iansir3571.81523414.558 years, 11 months ago
52Hatred4992.19153403.778 years, 5 months ago
53WaGs3843.88533395.438 years, 10 months ago
54BOSS | Vinzo4073.42293281.378 years, 6 months ago
55Bob[RNS]4017.94223048.18 years, 11 months ago
56Oreoman3282.66773009.18 years, 5 months ago
57SD3328.42643000.268 years, 10 months ago
58trentluv4232.84162944.598 years, 8 months ago
59e0.Megatron9612.1432883.648 years, 9 months ago
60Stiffy2883.794152835.968 years, 11 months ago
61[SMP]LeadMine3663.55212747.668 years, 10 months ago
62water2881.711292733.398 years, 6 months ago
63Eraser5088.1382713.678 years, 9 months ago
64wak3087.23502708.098 years, 10 months ago
65FDA2739.643682688.58 years, 11 months ago
66www.tfcommunity.com - essen4517.9102657.598 years, 10 months ago
67rebel3493.89212620.428 years, 4 months ago
68Mase3381.63232592.588 years, 7 months ago
69hoopa3189.54272532.878 years, 11 months ago
70Elmo3038.3332506.68 years, 9 months ago
71JuiceYJuice2668.94942483.968 years, 10 months ago
72Zirb4283.8392409.668 years, 11 months ago
73strongbad5761.9252400.88 years, 9 months ago
74big blade2559.71052399.728 years, 7 months ago
75snowy4474.1582386.218 years, 11 months ago
76[Exo] Carbon v4-3300.59182376.438 years, 7 months ago
77mattorrr2812.83372365.348 years, 10 months ago
78wus4386.3682339.398 years, 8 months ago
79Agent Buckshot Moose3105.24202300.188 years, 11 months ago
80[SMP]2gudgguqqd*W*2590.49552298.018 years, 11 months ago
81tMu-sincie-5398.4852249.378 years, 8 months ago
82Cam2810.41282248.338 years, 9 months ago
83Fruitcake5286.0552202.528 years, 11 months ago
84empty4763.4462198.518 years, 11 months ago
85Angriest of Bobs7243.1932172.968 years, 5 months ago
86LeadMine2998.94152044.738 years, 11 months ago
87m0f04899.4452041.438 years, 10 months ago
88alacaholic5434.9341976.348 years, 10 months ago
89crusH2350.06331938.88 years, 11 months ago
903xtigy6273.6231882.098 years, 8 months ago
91SpyerTron4961.5141804.188 years, 8 months ago
92Kt.Flash5931.3731779.418 years, 7 months ago
93[TALOS]Skywalker2029.77421739.88 years, 11 months ago
94little devil2204.74261737.078 years, 10 months ago
95fatal4664.4341696.168 years, 7 months ago
96george13144.8611643.118 years, 3 months ago
97CACALOT2600.14121642.28 years, 9 months ago
98dankeykong3923.6351634.858 years, 10 months ago
99bowser3901.9151625.798 years, 10 months ago
100WubbaDuckFck1594.114151567.678 years, 10 months ago
101BIG TREESE2658.59101563.878 years, 9 months ago
102[BriK]Ragdoll.F-in-S2648.22101557.788 years, 5 months ago
103Big Beton1787.62461551.528 years, 8 months ago
104David-4079.1741483.338 years, 9 months ago
105[]AaronDF1186489.1421442.038 years, 7 months ago
106Gibs1986.5171407.18 years, 7 months ago
107Timmehhh4617.9431385.388 years, 8 months ago
108[TALOS]TotseBot1807.3211355.478 years, 10 months ago
109the continental10613.1411326.648 years, 3 months ago
110ego3579.2641301.558 years, 10 months ago
111alias1892.46151290.318 years, 7 months ago
112ljfe1690.17211267.638 years, 10 months ago
113Rick1434.75531267.368 years, 9 months ago
114WaRmOnGeR4083.8131225.148 years, 9 months ago
115cardinal8907.8511113.485 years, 2 months ago
116BIG force8798.4711099.818 years, 10 months ago
117wuc2639.4551099.778 years, 8 months ago
118BarkAtTheMoon8545.6911068.216 years, 6 months ago
119KD181977.7481054.798 years, 10 months ago
120Greenbudz2069.6471034.828 years, 6 months ago
121ddm9992233.6261030.98 years, 6 months ago
122Blacklite8086.911010.865 years, 3 months ago
123ToniO1593.55121006.458 years, 9 months ago
124Skrag1872.418998.628 years, 11 months ago
125[COBs] BOSTW|x1753.069986.18 years, 11 months ago
126LeadMine4306.792957.068 years, 9 months ago
127pandaxpress7627.221953.47 years, 11 months ago
128Micke7608.671951.086 years, 6 months ago
129Pabl09997315.041914.386 years, 5 months ago
130-={IoA}=-Rollo Tomasi1815.757907.888 years, 8 months ago
131marxist-1196.721897.528 years, 7 months ago
132Flensmeister6974.391871.86 years, 6 months ago
133cheffrey6963.451870.437 years, 5 months ago
134Leky6632.061829.013 years, 2 months ago
135[ v3L0CiR4PT0R ^HeLL -HH- ]6464.061808.017 years, 9 months ago
136mariosucks6245.331780.676 years, 6 months ago
137Musical Chairs6204.011775.58 years, 3 months ago
138Gator [milkwood]2126.984773.458 years, 10 months ago
139rodox6000.961750.128 years, 1 day ago
140adv5917.031739.637 years, 11 months ago
141Donkeyhacks1948.084708.398 years, 5 months ago
142Rouge5559.131694.896 years, 6 months ago
143quark5437.11679.647 years, 2 months ago
144Odium5367.251670.916 years, 6 months ago
145youngblood5281.161660.156 years, 1 month ago
1460ldschool1813.094659.318 years, 6 months ago
147Sep1306.717653.358 years, 6 months ago
148rebs5100.311637.548 years, 7 months ago
149shoom2842.672631.718 years, 11 months ago
150Satan4962.221620.286 years, 4 months ago
151Propezz4900.11612.518 years, 2 months ago
152Gobbleturk4874.971609.376 years, 6 months ago
153GreenMushy2020.543606.168 years, 11 months ago
154cold1306.646603.078 years, 10 months ago
155Franziskaner4823.671602.966 years, 7 months ago
156Cheese2672.492593.898 years, 10 months ago
157uC. MedmaN ^Ni -tS -VD4696.211587.036 years, 7 months ago
158HeroponRiki1920.783576.238 years, 9 months ago
159WhenFFwillOut4606.041575.765 years, 2 months ago
160true4475.361559.424 years, 6 months ago
161Featachu-4452.591556.576 years, 6 months ago
162WhenFFwillOut4439.761554.978 years, 10 months ago
163Cavej4437.131554.643 years, 3 months ago
164IntrikiT4424.221553.035 years, 3 months ago
165noK.om1nous`m34400.681550.094 years, 8 months ago
166sont1831.053549.328 years, 8 months ago
167tantrum4385.271548.168 years, 7 months ago
168SMILEPANTS4372.721546.598 years, 3 months ago
169nivel4365.631545.77 years, 4 months ago
170ASH_MARKS4325.291540.665 years, 1 month ago
171-W- B|ack4276.731534.598 years, 3 months ago
172TeamSpain. Peketr4ck'4239.841529.988 years, 9 months ago
173red bird4231.751528.978 years, 1 month ago
174Gland1258.675524.458 years, 8 months ago
175Nimrod4146.321518.296 years, 4 months ago
176commie677.3222513.838 years, 11 months ago
177tits2310.252513.398 years, 11 months ago
178Peppas4106.851513.366 years, 11 months ago
179EuroWubZ4076.081509.517 years, 7 months ago
180Mikey Missin' Walls4012.931501.628 years, 2 months ago
181Face4004.41500.556 years, 9 months ago
182hex3942.091492.766 years, 2 weeks ago
183.dub3890.531486.325 years, 3 months ago
184Len3871.091483.896 years, 4 months ago
185fox3707.281463.417 years, 9 months ago
186jerrylynnfan20093519.9814402 years, 4 months ago
187Porkachu3463.371432.923 years, 4 months ago
188WhenFFwillOut3460.381432.558 years, 4 months ago
189jason1939.4824316 years, 5 months ago
190durdennn3446.131430.773 years, 2 months ago
191HazMat3423.431427.938 years, 1 month ago
192DemoKn3373.811421.736 years, 6 months ago
193Burnsz3305.621413.26 years, 6 months ago
194GruMazO1859.022413.128 years, 11 months ago
195queSo700.0110411.778 years, 5 months ago
196DET- azure3293.91411.745 years, 2 months ago
197[y-t] Echo3278.791409.854 years, 4 weeks ago
198{sfc}Blacknight1838.62408.588 years, 9 months ago
199xFactor -BW3218.231402.286 years, 6 months ago
200pro of point and click adventur3215.211401.98 years, 3 months ago
201fox3131.711391.467 years, 9 months ago
202Pheesh3121.521390.196 years, 6 months ago
203LiTTLeBuNNyf00f003099.081387.386 years, 10 months ago
204m3ntaL3091.021386.386 years, 6 months ago
205solly3042.491380.318 years, 7 months ago
206[TsK]Finch0rz2931.441366.436 years, 6 months ago
207Tulkas2925.251365.668 years, 3 months ago
208DET- EMvolks2920.661365.082 years, 4 months ago
209pip2903.881362.998 years, 3 days ago
210hlstriker2897.731362.228 years, 3 months ago
211exr8eD-VD2871.91358.996 years, 6 months ago
212Shmig2819.651352.466 years, 6 months ago
213saltyk91530.612340.138 years, 3 months ago
214Axion2669.281333.666 years, 6 months ago
215LeadMine2643.691330.465 years, 7 months ago
216pichon.ar2556.971319.626 years, 4 months ago
217Toskyn1417.382314.973 years, 2 months ago
218raum1411.392313.648 years, 10 months ago
219Headzy2494.411311.87 years, 6 months ago
220RAK | Mashi-Knight2475.981309.56 years, 5 months ago
221Oh!Taeyeon1391.92309.318 years, 8 months ago
222Ndo3602464.991308.122 years, 5 months ago
223JL-2436.951304.623 years, 2 months ago
224twincannon2432.81304.17 years, 5 months ago
225Twitch.tv/Wheely2412.141301.523 years, 3 months ago
226Teamfail : ari2343.71292.968 years, 10 months ago
227Cowgoesmoo2326.891290.866 years, 9 months ago
228lenny2279.541284.945 years, 2 months ago
229Lambda2254.631281.834 years, 2 months ago
230DET- B35t_2240.651280.086 years, 5 months ago
231(1)Larry2235.071279.386 years, 6 months ago
232ADmin012219.91277.496 years, 4 months ago
233Nbr1Rckr2219.281277.417 years, 11 months ago
234d a v i s ` -2206.091275.766 years, 6 months ago
235RAK | Hitokiri2164.061270.516 years, 4 months ago
236Bastard Child2159.391269.926 years, 7 months ago
237CRaZYBaLL2125.581265.73 years, 1 month ago
238â„¢2121.61265.28 years, 8 months ago
239g2070.661258.836 years, 6 months ago
240eZnorb`2059.41257.424 years, 10 months ago
241CHIPMAN2047.321255.916 years, 6 months ago
242[doomsday]2034.171254.276 years, 6 months ago
243zipZilla2029.961253.758 years, 9 months ago
244Cornpops1996.261249.536 years, 5 months ago
245Thendz1979.121247.396 years, 6 months ago
246LiTE1955.421244.436 years, 6 months ago
247totse1931.411241.434 years, 4 months ago
248Hampster w/Radioactive Bananas*1922.261240.286 years, 6 months ago
249Fat-Suzy1902.621237.836 years, 5 months ago
250snatchgrabber1898.31237.295 years, 3 months ago
251ohbaby1879.171234.96 years, 7 months ago
252Masz1865.261233.166 years, 6 months ago
253Woooot.fS772.253231.688 years, 9 months ago
254<--He Cheats | He Sucks-->1833.251229.168 years, 8 months ago
255duckyouall1812.221226.533 years, 4 months ago
256Psychonaut1811.871226.486 years, 6 months ago
257nap1794.681224.345 years, 1 month ago
258fry1773.871221.735 years, 2 months ago
259NecroKun241768.61221.073 years, 4 months ago
260omar1768.211221.036 years, 6 months ago
261Cyrus1767.361220.926 years, 5 months ago
262Y|warlord1763.241220.46 years, 3 months ago
263EDEdDNEdDYFaN1743.351217.926 years, 5 months ago
264Blx^1742.11217.766 years, 6 months ago
265totric1724.831215.68 years, 8 months ago
266VoiD-S|M1722.451215.314 years, 4 months ago
267surfrock966.432214.768 years, 7 months ago
268vader1706.311213.296 years, 4 months ago
269Rice1690.441211.32 years, 4 months ago
270liver pate1681.421210.187 years, 4 months ago
271jerry lynn1667.731208.476 years, 10 months ago
272CLUB-James1664.591208.076 years, 6 months ago
273Crazed Gunmang1650.981206.376 years, 9 months ago
274Tianhe1616.921202.118 years, 3 months ago
275dy1613.761201.722 years, 4 months ago
276{sfc}WiFiDi1604.021200.58 years, 3 months ago
277thursdaddy1603.51200.448 years, 3 months ago
278anjirocool1558.571194.828 years, 5 months ago
279Doug1558.211194.786 years, 5 months ago
280pleh865.262192.282 years, 4 months ago
281amir1527.761190.976 years, 5 months ago
282Zeubies1513.441189.182 years, 4 months ago
283ratso1509.281188.668 years, 3 weeks ago
284Uganda Commanda1507.521188.443 years, 2 months ago
285Amauri1483.51185.443 years, 3 months ago
286Stevie Stingray1479.71184.966 years, 4 months ago
287WaGs1460.561182.577 years, 7 months ago
288Cow1458.351182.296 years, 4 months ago
289STER_1456.631182.086 years, 8 months ago
290team[m] / pulse819.112182.038 years, 10 months ago
291jeekardo(qc)1449.041181.133 years, 4 months ago
292Flock of Seagulls hair1439.781179.977 years, 6 months ago
293country1432.41179.052 years, 5 months ago
294Milosenpotion1394.391174.32 years, 5 months ago
295FrailDog1392.21174.023 years, 2 months ago
296dexter772.212171.68 years, 10 months ago
297reks.1338.411167.36 years, 5 months ago
298MCoZ742.552165.017 years, 10 months ago
299Divinity-[e9]-1315.021164.386 years, 2 months ago
300Cliterature Review1277.591159.75 years, 2 months ago
301sandblast717.522159.455 years, 2 months ago
302kro1269.441158.684 years, 10 months ago
303cherry1218.871152.367 years, 10 months ago
304Kanunki1216.061152.012 years, 4 months ago
305WhenFFwillOut1200.681150.086 years, 5 months ago
306DarthMan1175.741146.975 years, 3 months ago
307FleX1161.281145.165 years, 2 months ago
308onslaught1133.361141.675 years, 4 weeks ago
309Cookie1129.891141.244 years, 11 months ago
310office1116.891139.616 years, 5 months ago
311Grease Monkey1106.631138.336 years, 12 hours ago
312C0BR41105.31138.167 years, 9 months ago
313M*A*S*H1104.431138.053 years, 2 months ago
314Grandmaster1094.641136.835 years, 2 months ago
315rewind1092.581136.574 years, 3 months ago
316AscesioN1061.431132.686 years, 8 months ago
317Andagony1052.91131.618 years, 4 months ago
318R00Kie .K!1051.931131.497 years, 3 days ago
319Murk0n1037.641129.78 years, 10 months ago
320Dr.Satan982.771122.856 years, 9 months ago
321shadestruck^9671120.874 years, 10 months ago
322robust, MD960.611120.088 years, 10 months ago
323Chickenprotector955.321119.426 years, 10 months ago
324solesurvivor949.441118.686 years, 5 months ago
325JC948.841118.66 years, 3 months ago
326eri939.541117.442 years, 4 months ago
327trepid_jon927.331115.927 years, 4 months ago
328*LeMoMe*.ll896.681112.096 years, 6 months ago
329broom886.461110.815 years, 2 months ago
330AfterShock878.521109.826 years, 6 months ago
331user_filtr875.841109.485 years, 3 months ago
332moxie870.611108.836 years, 9 months ago
333mohawkmoe10489.052108.688 years, 10 months ago
334WhenFFwillOut850.431106.36 years, 1 month ago
335Nigga Plz449.09299.84 years, 3 months ago
336rck-sub796.43199.558 years, 2 months ago
337WhenFFwillOut780.93197.628 years, 1 month ago
338Auran765.66195.713 years, 4 months ago
339Seth755.12194.393 years, 2 months ago
340SD728.71191.092 years, 4 months ago
341Double_D723.49190.448 years, 6 months ago
342[=PR=]renegade704.3188.048 years, 3 days ago
343thulium680.47185.062 years, 3 weeks ago
344AAA677.53184.692 years, 6 months ago
345WhenFfWont673.12184.146 years, 4 months ago
346ChiliMacMREs672.75184.093 years, 4 months ago
347uC. Gooster -FkM-667.63183.457 years, 10 months ago
348booyaa638.8179.856 years, 5 months ago
349Ivan637.71179.713 years, 1 month ago
350nuki633.75179.222 years, 4 months ago
351meth.625.28178.167 years, 4 months ago
352user_filtr (rifk)609.75176.225 years, 2 weeks ago
353Tree569.68171.213 years, 1 month ago
354manimal538.18167.278 years, 7 months ago
355Darkmega.bin535.78166.973 years, 3 months ago
356barryhoudini526.74165.846 years, 2 months ago
357Rojer_Ramjet519.68164.966 years, 6 months ago
358BACKS287.34263.852 years, 5 months ago
359Shockwave508.61163.586 years, 6 months ago
360spec Frodo489.53161.198 years, 1 month ago
361Bash480.11160.016 years, 5 months ago
362JCDENTON476.29159.543 years, 2 months ago
363BEAR475.32159.418 years, 10 months ago
364Rutabeggar452.14156.526 years, 5 months ago
365akw448.45156.068 years, 7 months ago
366dirk386148.258 years, 7 months ago
367-P1mPy-375.09146.896 years, 9 months ago
368user_filtr372.27146.534 years, 11 months ago
369lolz337.93142.248 years, 9 months ago
370Catbert45328.99141.121 year, 11 months ago
371WhenFFwillOut326.38140.86 years, 4 months ago
372Master!320.55140.078 years, 7 months ago
373Kool_Guy_RyanN306.26138.286 years, 6 months ago
374High Jumper305.1138.148 years, 10 months ago
375Goop297.1137.146 years, 6 months ago
376LeadMine283.42135.438 years, 1 week ago
377LadyDeath274.67134.338 years, 3 months ago
378ThatMuddy269.32133.662 years, 5 months ago
379darkstar4167266.27133.283 years, 4 months ago
380phism244.96130.628 years, 1 month ago
381ZDisket232.81129.13 years, 1 month ago
382wolfic[---(========>210.82126.352 years, 8 months ago
383aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa206.98125.876 years, 7 months ago
384psyke204.71125.593 years, 1 month ago
385FrostyTheHitman21191.79123.978 years, 7 months ago
386rocky186.52123.318 years, 10 months ago
387Larry164.02120.56 years, 6 months ago
388p-Remzi160.84120.116 years, 6 months ago
389TinMan88.84219.746 years, 3 months ago
390RAK | BOOMstick157.7119.716 years, 4 months ago
391GodOrSatan503429543098263146.31118.293 years, 2 months ago
392Aughor117.25114.663 years, 4 months ago
393Twiggy97.21112.156 years, 6 months ago
394tixum74.4619.316 years, 6 months ago
395Texan Scrub Lord67.7318.476 years, 4 months ago
396doublah66.1618.276 years, 6 months ago
397klf51.0716.383 years, 2 months ago
398drspringfield47.4715.932 years, 9 months ago
399Esor43.0115.386 years, 9 months ago
400leaky35.4514.438 years, 4 months ago
401WhenFFwillOut23.212.98 years, 4 months ago
4027432toonselpoob20.3712.555 years, 2 months ago