Average Kills by Class (Demoman)

Note: A player could have a higher personal best in an "average" category than the all-time record without actually holding the record. This is because there is not enough data for that player in that category to be confident that it is not a fluke (average records are sorted using a Bayesian average).

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PlacePlayerAverageTotal Rounds As DemomanBayesian AverageDate
1MafiaMan62.5430661.143 years, 4 months ago
2hadeZ60.99424603 weeks, 5 days ago
3Sabbath60.1640959.152 years, 10 months ago
4Features-61.5715658.935 months, 2 weeks ago
5fox59.1640858.162 months, 2 weeks ago
6amir61.3210857.593 years, 3 months ago
7NeoNLight57.8428156.431 year, 5 months ago
8spoon57.0354156.31 month, 3 days ago
9biohaZ57.6515355.132 months, 2 weeks ago
10Demetrius61.45854.782 years, 7 months ago
11mnzy55.3623553.764 months, 4 weeks ago
12aleXtric56.0315553.63 years, 2 weeks ago
13rawDawg.f$54.5830753.361 year, 5 months ago
14Odium54.921453.163 months, 2 days ago
15rodox57.817953.15 months, 3 weeks ago
16oats55.0616252.785 months, 6 days ago
17cynical^HeLL55.0415752.71 year, 8 months ago
18Fruitcake56.818352.392 months, 3 weeks ago
19Great and Powerful 0z56.339052.272 years, 9 months ago
20homie in reeboks'53.5717451.53 months, 3 weeks ago
21squeek.53.0220551.273 weeks, 5 days ago
22dankeykong54.210850.92 years, 5 months ago
23R00Kie .K!52.8214550.392 years, 5 months ago
24chef-51.3121049.652 months, 3 weeks ago
25grimace50.1732149.11 year, 4 months ago
26LiTTLeBuNNyf00f0049.9636149.012 years, 9 months ago
27reks.49.8333348.84 months, 1 week ago
28Mikey Missin' Walls55.54447.881 year, 2 months ago
29george54.254847.352 years, 10 months ago
30nine48.0926046.832 months, 2 weeks ago
31big ohjae50.937046.32 years, 7 months ago
32docta sw00pspl0si0n.PhD51.366446.33 months, 4 days ago
33BOSS | Vinzo57.172946.062 months, 4 weeks ago
34Oreoman47.3125746.052 months, 2 weeks ago
35WaGs46.6634545.732 months, 2 weeks ago
36pandaxpress56.482945.54 years, 11 months ago
37strongbad52.164344.863 years, 1 month ago
38hoopa52.593944.591 year, 11 months ago
39Satan47.68443.932 years, 5 months ago
40Spacebutler47.148743.632 years, 2 months ago
41<--He Cheats | He Sucks-->44.0548243.422 months, 2 weeks ago
42Gangstar in Pumas46.78943.292 months, 1 week ago
43[SMP]LeadMine49.764643.192 years, 1 month ago
44korey56.912243.172 years, 5 months ago
45office52.473243.053 years, 4 months ago
46FleX46.837142.632 months, 1 week ago
47Doug56.762142.571 year, 4 months ago
48jerry lynn46.926442.32 years, 5 months ago
49DraKoNaL43.8712441.535 months, 3 weeks ago
50David-44.0510641.326 months, 1 week ago
51onE46.784940.935 years, 4 months ago
52ADmin0142.7812440.51 year, 4 months ago
53uC. MedmaN ^Ni -tS -VD45.825140.291 year, 5 months ago
54twincannon47.14040.092 years, 9 months ago
55Musical Chairs50.332739.973 years, 4 months ago
56RAK | Mashi-Knight45.984539.793 years, 3 months ago
57Gobbleturk48.653139.681 year, 5 months ago
58* ( > Peppas51.262339.31 year, 5 months ago
59-W- B|ack47.663239.14 months, 3 weeks ago
60big blade51.92138.935 years, 9 months ago
61red bird46.113638.61 year, 3 months ago
62VoiD-S|M44.854138.312 months, 2 weeks ago
63aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa42.366438.181 month, 1 week ago
64WORKER | beees45.143737.952 months, 2 weeks ago
65zexel?49.822237.791 year, 11 months ago
66IntrikiT52.391837.722 years, 3 months ago
67fry48.462437.521 year, 3 months ago
68SpyerTron40.268137.065 years, 5 months ago
69FDA41.745336.871 year, 10 months ago
70Prime-39.248736.325 years, 3 months ago
71JuiceYJuice41.534535.942 years, 8 months ago
72cardinal47.62035.263 months, 1 day ago
73[SMP]2gudgguqqd*W*41.833635.025 years, 1 week ago
74Bastard Child44.162534.53 years, 2 months ago
75fatal57.31033.713 years, 5 months ago
76Propezz49.711433.145 years, 3 months ago
77frizz39.823433.023 years, 6 months ago
78omar40.582631.972 years, 4 months ago
79alias39.562731.413 years, 5 months ago
80Stiffy55.56931.253 years, 2 months ago
81sont48.251230.473 years, 2 weeks ago
82the continental44.331530.235 years, 3 weeks ago
83{sfc}Blacknight39.772230.172 years, 11 months ago
84Largos^47.421229.953 years, 2 months ago
85Blacklite55.88829.82 years, 3 weeks ago
86tits47.081229.743 weeks, 5 days ago
87GuY401828.81 month, 4 days ago
88Moto42.621327.73 months, 4 weeks ago
89Pabl099944.271127.063 years, 6 months ago
90ohbaby42.361125.893 years, 1 month ago
91Pheesh61.2525.53 years, 4 months ago
92Agent Buckshot Moose43924.196 years, 2 weeks ago
93solesurvivor42.89924.133 years, 5 months ago
94adv42.679243 years, 7 months ago
95Cookie35.771323.251 year, 7 months ago
96lenny34.514235 months, 1 day ago
97Timmehhh45.86722.933 years, 1 week ago
98lope36.081222.794 years, 5 months ago
99[TALOS]Skywalker42.63822.735 years, 3 months ago
100Cliterature Review45722.55 months, 2 days ago
100garbooda45722.55 years, 6 months ago
101[COBs] BOSTW|x36.091122.063 years, 2 weeks ago
102Dr.Satan40.88821.83 years, 4 months ago
103fluffyhamster35.61020.941 year, 5 months ago
104Nimrod55.5420.185 months, 6 days ago
105Cam40.14720.075 years, 10 months ago
106WubbaDuckFck23.643619.795 years, 1 week ago
107nap47.4519.752 months, 3 weeks ago
108youngblood37819.733 months, 4 weeks ago
109user_filtr28.61519.51 month, 1 week ago
110uC. Gooster -FkM-41.67619.233 months, 1 week ago
111.dub40.67618.771 month, 1 week ago
112DET- B35t_36.29718.143 years, 6 months ago
113water35717.55 years, 7 months ago
114cherry37.5617.312 years, 8 months ago
115Peppas46.754174 years, 5 days ago
116Hampster w/Radioactive Bananas*46416.733 years, 3 months ago
117trentluv55.67316.75 years, 2 months ago
118[Exo] Carbon v4-39516.253 years, 6 months ago
119Gator [milkwood]54316.26 years, 1 week ago
120LiTE34.83616.082 years, 1 month ago
121ego43415.643 years, 11 months ago
122m0f042.25415.362 years, 1 month ago
123wak33.17615.315 years, 4 months ago
124[TALOS]TotseBot26.22914.755 years, 4 months ago
125bbb. Neptune40414.556 months, 6 days ago
126TeamSpain. Peketr4ck'48314.46 months, 3 weeks ago
127CrunK24.21014.245 months, 3 days ago
128cold27.43713.713 years, 3 months ago
129Cheese58212.896 years, 1 week ago
129Featachu-58212.893 years, 8 months ago
130Rutabeggar27.17612.543 years, 5 months ago
131Franziskaner41.33312.42 years, 7 months ago
132bowser55.5212.333 years, 11 months ago
133Twitch.tv/Wheely41312.35 months, 1 week ago
134quark33.75412.272 years, 9 months ago
135Trailer40.33312.15 years, 1 week ago
136booyaa19.551111.943 years, 4 months ago
137SpyerTron38.67311.65 years, 10 months ago
138true37.33311.21 year, 3 months ago
139nivel36.673113 years, 7 months ago
140Y|warlord36.33310.92 years, 5 months ago
141RAK | Hitokiri47.5210.563 years, 4 months ago
142( jj? )4429.785 years, 1 month ago
143m3ntaL4329.563 months, 3 weeks ago
144Cloud has left the game4129.116 years, 1 week ago
145cheffrey6918.634 years, 7 months ago
145EuroWubZ6918.634 years, 7 months ago
146Gibs36.528.115 years, 8 months ago
147wus3527.785 years, 10 months ago
148Hatred34.527.675 years, 7 months ago
149Amauri2147.644 months, 3 days ago
150Elmo3427.565 years, 11 months ago
151shoom3126.892 years, 10 months ago
152EDEdDNEdDYFaN5516.883 years, 7 months ago
153Crazed Gunmang5016.253 years, 7 months ago
154e0.Megatron48165 years, 10 months ago
155Bash26.525.893 years, 5 months ago
156CHIPMAN4715.883 years, 7 months ago
156GreenMushy4715.881 year, 7 months ago
157*LeMoMe*.ll4615.753 years, 8 months ago
158ASH_MARKS4515.631 year, 5 months ago
159(1)Larry2525.563 years, 4 months ago
160jason9105.293 years, 3 months ago
161WhenFFwillOut4215.253 years, 6 months ago
162Cyrus40153 years, 6 months ago
163snowy21.524.786 years, 4 weeks ago
164kro3814.752 years, 3 days ago
164teamcake. cae3814.753 years, 7 months ago
165www.tfcommunity.com - essen3714.636 years, 1 week ago
166WhenFfWont3614.53 years, 5 months ago
167doublah2024.442 years, 4 months ago
168rebel3514.385 years, 6 months ago
169Air^3314.135 years, 11 months ago
169crusH3314.133 months, 1 week ago
169LadyDeath3314.135 years, 5 months ago
170klf32144 months, 19 hours ago
171mohawkmoe1017.523.895 years, 11 months ago
172HazMat3113.885 years, 3 months ago
173alacaholic3013.756 years, 2 weeks ago
173JC3013.753 years, 5 months ago
174â„¢2913.635 years, 10 months ago
174LeadMine2913.632 years, 4 months ago
175eZnorb`2713.382 years, 2 weeks ago
176Twiggy2513.133 years, 8 months ago
177Donkeyhacks24133 years, 8 months ago
177Woooot.fS24133 years, 10 months ago
178empty2312.885 years, 5 months ago
179BarkAtTheMoon1912.385 years, 11 months ago
179pip1912.385 years, 1 month ago
180Gland1511.885 years, 10 months ago
180NorthernBl@ze1511.883 years, 2 months ago
180queSo1511.885 years, 7 months ago
181C0BR41411.754 years, 11 months ago
182Magikarp[kr]1211.55 years, 5 months ago
183NicoMeasure1111.383 years, 11 months ago
184Auran621.333 months, 1 week ago
185-P1mPy-911.133 years, 10 months ago