Average Kills by Class (Spy)

Note: A player could have a higher personal best in an "average" category than the all-time record without actually holding the record. This is because there is not enough data for that player in that category to be confident that it is not a fluke (average records are sorted using a Bayesian average).

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PlacePlayerAverageTotal Rounds As SpyBayesian AverageDate
1SD30.662924.696 years, 8 months ago
2aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa195124.383 years, 7 months ago
3DraKoNaL21.6310320.256 years, 9 months ago
4chef-39.4516.426 years, 9 months ago
5mnzy32.57716.296 years, 9 months ago
6Prime-15.183812.826 years, 9 months ago
7aleXtric29.4512.256 years, 9 months ago
8biohaZ40.67312.26 years, 9 months ago
9Fruitcake91111.384 years, 4 months ago
10big ohjae26510.836 years, 9 months ago
11garbooda23.17610.696 years, 2 months ago
12Features-30.6739.26 years, 9 months ago
13R00Kie .K!7319.134 years, 1 month ago
14Eraser24.2548.826 years, 7 months ago
15zexel?3527.786 years, 6 months ago
16homie in reeboks'15.567.156 years, 9 months ago
17hadeZ31.5276 years, 8 months ago
18fluffyhamster48166 years, 9 months ago
19lope10.1195.696 years, 9 months ago
20NeoNLight9.6795.446 years, 8 months ago
21tits3814.751 year, 2 months ago
22Oreoman12.7544.646 years, 3 months ago
23doublah3414.253 years, 7 months ago
23Nimrod3414.254 years, 2 months ago
24SpyerTron2713.386 years, 8 months ago
25[SMP]LeadMine2613.253 years, 8 months ago
25docta sw00pspl0si0n.PhD2613.256 years, 8 months ago
26youngblood2513.133 years, 1 month ago
27CACALOT13.5236 years, 7 months ago
28FDA2312.885 years, 10 months ago
28spoon2312.884 years, 9 months ago
29uC. MedmaN ^Ni -tS -VD2212.754 years, 3 months ago
30lenny2112.631 year, 2 months ago
30MafiaMan2112.636 years, 8 months ago
31HeroponRiki1812.253 years, 9 months ago
31Satan1812.253 years, 10 months ago
31Spacebutler1812.256 years, 9 months ago
32* ( > Peppas1712.136 years, 8 months ago
32Gobbleturk1712.134 years, 2 weeks ago
32shoom1712.134 years, 3 months ago
33oats16125 years, 10 months ago
33RAK | Mashi-Knight16124 years, 1 month ago
33reks.16123 years, 9 months ago
33Uganda Commanda16121 year, 1 day ago
34BarkAtTheMoon6.3331.94 years, 4 months ago
35[SMP]2gudgguqqd*W*1511.886 years, 3 weeks ago
36[y-t] Echo1411.751 year, 10 months ago
36WaGs1411.755 years, 10 months ago
37HazMat1311.635 years, 11 months ago
37rawDawg.f$1311.635 years, 2 months ago
38FleX1211.53 years, 3 weeks ago
39<--He Cheats | He Sucks-->1111.384 years, 3 months ago
40amir1011.254 years, 2 months ago
40Demetrius1011.254 years, 1 month ago
41Amauri911.131 year, 1 month ago
41Ndo360911.132 months, 4 weeks ago
41Odium911.134 years, 2 months ago
41wolfic[---(========>911.136 months, 1 week ago
42Crazed Gunmang8114 years, 7 months ago
42pleh8111 month, 3 weeks ago
43{sfc}Blacknight710.883 years, 11 months ago
43adv710.884 years, 4 months ago
43Double_D710.886 years, 3 months ago
44[COBs] BOSTW|x610.754 years, 5 months ago
45-W- B|ack510.634 years, 1 month ago
45Rutabeggar510.634 years, 2 months ago
45squeek.510.634 years, 3 months ago
46Gangstar in Pumas410.56 years, 6 months ago
46jerry lynn410.54 years, 1 week ago
46nine410.56 years, 9 months ago
47nivel1.6730.54 years, 2 months ago
48shadestruck^410.52 years, 8 months ago
49Musical Chairs1.2540.455 years, 11 months ago
50Cargo310.381 month, 3 weeks ago
50Skrag310.386 years, 9 months ago
51WORKER | beees210.256 years, 3 weeks ago
52rodox0.1380.072 months, 3 weeks ago