Average Railgun Kills

Note: A player could have a higher personal best in an "average" category than the all-time record without actually holding the record. This is because there is not enough data for that player in that category to be confident that it is not a fluke (average records are sorted using a Bayesian average).

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PlacePlayerAverageTotal Rounds As EngineerBayesian AverageDate
1mnzy5.131914.8120 hours, 27 mins ago
2squeek.4.674734.561 week, 13 hours ago
3hadeZ4.732524.515 days, 11 hours ago
4mattorrr4.091583.842 years, 11 months ago
5FDA3.951723.721 year, 2 months ago
6SD4.19583.582 years, 2 months ago
7Features-3.51613.321 day, 9 hours ago
8Fruitcake3.461573.271 week, 1 day ago
9aleXtric3.243033.161 year, 10 months ago
10docta sw00pspl0si0n.PhD3.95202.8811 months, 2 weeks ago
11[TALOS]Skywalker3.75242.874 years, 9 months ago
12aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2.773542.7220 hours, 27 mins ago
13korey3.6202.713 years, 2 months ago
14Largos^2.711252.592 years, 8 months ago
15grimace2.63842.472 years, 3 months ago
16Spacebutler2.551222.452 years, 3 months ago
17youngblood1412.41 year, 11 months ago
18Demetrius3.36112.372 years, 7 months ago
19WORKER | beees2.371452.311 day, 11 hours ago
20Satan2.361142.283 months, 2 days ago
21MafiaMan2.46372.242 years, 11 months ago
22big blade2.56252.234 years, 11 months ago
23SpyerTron2.46262.184 years, 11 months ago
24Stiffy2.6382.054 years, 6 months ago
25iansir2.15472.054 years, 11 months ago
26garbooda2.22182.014 years, 11 months ago
27zexel?2.13312.011 year, 5 months ago
28Nimrod2.3391.982 days, 10 hours ago
29WaRmOnGeR3.521.984 years, 11 months ago
30akw411.934 years, 11 months ago
31trentluv2.07151.933 years, 2 weeks ago
32Eraser2.1471.911 year, 4 months ago
33Sabbath2.1471.913 years, 4 days ago
34DraKoNaL1.851891.846 days, 10 hours ago
35cheffrey221.844 years, 1 month ago
35tMu-sincie-221.844 years, 11 months ago
35LeadMine221.842 years, 3 months ago
35dexter211.844 years, 11 months ago
36onE1.83421.834 years, 11 months ago
37chef-1.82931.8216 hours, 22 mins ago
38Cliterature Review1.7891.811 week, 15 hours ago
39Donkeyhacks1.521.84 years, 11 months ago
40NeoNLight1.79761.81 year, 4 months ago
41darkstar4167111.793 weeks, 4 days ago
41onslaught111.791 year, 9 months ago
41WillWow_mc111.791 year, 9 months ago
41anjirocool111.794 years, 11 months ago
41cherry111.792 years, 11 months ago
41d/t111.793 years, 2 months ago
41e0.Megatron111.794 years, 11 months ago
41FaiLio111.794 years, 11 months ago
41FrostyTheHitman21111.794 years, 11 months ago
41ohbaby111.792 years, 10 months ago
41snowy111.794 years, 11 months ago
42Musical Chairs1.72181.782 years, 10 months ago
43Great and Powerful 0z1.541.774 years, 11 months ago
44raum121.754 years, 11 months ago
44Rick121.754 years, 11 months ago
45strongbad1.5691.742 years, 8 months ago
46Raynian1.63271.712 years, 11 months ago
47lenny1.3361.7121 hours, 30 mins ago
48Auran0.521.711 week, 18 hours ago
48Mikey Missin' Walls0.521.711 year, 1 week ago
48[doomsday]0.521.713 years, 2 months ago
48Len0.521.713 years, 3 weeks ago
48Tianhe0.521.714 years, 11 months ago
49R00Kie .K!1.58191.711 year, 11 months ago
50rodox1.6301.691 week, 4 days ago
51Pheesh0.6731.683 years, 1 week ago
52Banana Hammock0.6731.682 years, 3 months ago
53biohaZ1.57351.672 years, 11 months ago
54hoopa1.36111.663 years, 4 months ago
55ddm999151.664 years, 11 months ago
55Hampster w/Radioactive Bananas*151.662 years, 9 months ago
56Zirb0.3331.634 years, 11 months ago
57Hatred0.851.624 years, 11 months ago
58m0f00.541.614 years, 6 months ago
58fry0.541.611 year, 10 months ago
59george0.8361.62 years, 11 months ago
60Skrag0.651.584 years, 11 months ago
61AfterShock0.2541.573 years, 2 months ago
61HazMat0.2541.574 years, 9 months ago
62homie in reeboks'1.51951.561 month, 5 days ago
63Pabl09991.08121.552 years, 9 months ago
64Timmehhh1.34291.542 years, 5 months ago
65shadestruck^0.8991.541 year, 1 week ago
66CLUB-James0.251.53 years, 2 months ago
67pip0.3361.494 years, 7 months ago
67Shockwave0.3361.493 years, 2 months ago
68[SMP]LeadMine1.2301.451 year, 7 months ago
69Bob[RNS]0.3881.424 years, 10 months ago
70TeamSpain. Peketr4ck'0.64111.411 year, 11 months ago
71cold1.24551.41 month, 5 days ago
72cynical^HeLL0.67121.393 years, 7 months ago
73Cam0.1471.394 years, 11 months ago
74bbb. Neptune0.1471.391 year, 3 days ago
75fox1.12341.383 weeks, 17 hours ago
76Greenbudz0.2581.382 years, 1 month ago
77fluffyhamster0.3391.374 years, 6 months ago
77Gibs0.3391.374 years, 11 months ago
78Dr.Satan1.27991.372 years, 10 months ago
79EuroWubZ0.73151.364 years, 1 month ago
80Odium0.96251.351 year, 2 weeks ago
81Elmo0.1381.344 years, 11 months ago
82jerry lynn1.324681.3411 months, 2 weeks ago
83CHIPMAN0.45111.343 years, 1 day ago
83KD180.45111.343 years, 2 months ago
84wak1.03331.333 years, 1 month ago
85Cookie0.42121.311 months, 2 weeks ago
86Bastard Child0.83231.292 years, 9 months ago
87Rutabeggar0.76211.282 years, 11 months ago
88dankeykong0.85261.281 year, 11 months ago
89twincannon0.95391.252 years, 39 mins ago
90Big Beton0.82281.244 years, 5 months ago
91ljfe0.53171.234 years, 11 months ago
92Gangstar in Pumas0.96481.222 years, 2 months ago
93David-0.72291.181 year, 7 months ago
94Headzy0.07141.112 years, 1 month ago
95office0.77431.112 years, 10 months ago
96Angriest of Bobs0.13151.114 years, 5 months ago
97booyaa0.24171.12 years, 10 months ago
98spoon0.951151.0811 months, 2 weeks ago
99marxist-0.26191.073 years, 4 months ago
100* ( > Peppas0.48271.061 year, 2 days ago
101Crazed Gunmang0.12171.053 years, 1 month ago
102Doug0.12171.052 years, 5 months ago
103Moto0.29211.041 year, 10 months ago
104Flock of Seagulls hair0.4251.041 year, 6 months ago
105commie0.06171.024 years, 11 months ago
106doublah0.767011 year, 4 months ago
107rawDawg.f$0.67540.982 years, 3 months ago
108little devil0.25240.974 years, 11 months ago
109oats0.62520.951 year, 6 months ago
110uC. Gooster -FkM-0.21240.951 year, 10 months ago
111crusH0.1210.943 years, 1 month ago
112CaptainAhab0.23260.933 years, 4 weeks ago
113solesurvivor0.13240.93 years, 5 days ago
114CrunK0.864680.91 day, 10 hours ago
115LiTTLeBuNNyf00f000.822380.892 years, 4 months ago
116red bird0.08240.889 months, 3 weeks ago
117(1)Larry0.04230.882 years, 10 months ago
118lope0.15270.874 years, 5 months ago
119Y|warlord0.59820.831 year, 5 months ago
120shoom0.48630.81 year, 7 months ago
121{sfc}Blacknight0.49670.82 years, 2 weeks ago
122true0.18340.7921 hours, 11 mins ago
123Divinity-[e9]-0.15330.792 years, 2 weeks ago
124RAK | Mashi-Knight0.41560.792 years, 2 weeks ago
125cardinal0.1310.7817 hours, 21 mins ago
126[SMP]2gudgguqqd*W*0.32470.774 years, 9 months ago
127Gobbleturk0.642010.752 weeks, 14 hours ago
128jason0.42670.741 year, 10 months ago
129big ohjae0.39620.742 years, 1 month ago
130WaGs0.541140.731 week, 5 days ago
131nine0.61720.731 day, 9 hours ago
132Wicked_Clown0.24460.7210 months, 3 weeks ago
133[COBs] BOSTW|x0.14430.682 years, 1 week ago
134uC. MedmaN ^Ni -tS -VD0.19480.671 year, 11 months ago
135water0.35750.664 years, 5 months ago
136reks.0.451220.651 year, 6 months ago
137FleX0.24620.634 days, 11 hours ago
138alias0.27670.632 years, 11 months ago
139<--He Cheats | He Sucks-->0.35880.632 weeks, 1 day ago
140GuY0.37980.624 days, 12 hours ago
141omar0.08530.561 year, 8 months ago
142JuiceYJuice0.05620.494 years, 7 months ago
143ADmin010.08720.4711 months, 1 week ago
144Bash0.03660.452 years, 4 months ago
145-W- B|ack0.21130.4511 months, 2 days ago
146Oreoman0.345560.41 day, 9 hours ago
147Franziskaner0.11290.334 months, 2 weeks ago
148WubbaDuckFck0.233510.314 years, 11 months ago
149Prime-0.031640.234 years, 9 months ago