Fortress Forever Log Parser
TimeNameGlobal ChatBlue ChatRed Chat
21:52:17beees2 shots?
21:52:33beeeshow much dmg is a nade?
21:52:45OreoManused to be a nade
21:52:49OreoManand a shotgun
21:52:51OreoManin tfc
21:52:53OreoMankilled sg
21:54:04STER_^3 This one's for you, beees [83] [130]
21:54:23beeesinteresting hm
21:54:53beeeshow many hits does it take to knock down a gun after a nade?
21:55:10beees3 o_O
21:55:17STER_so we getting people in here?
21:55:31iv| iddqd' K^.!teams
21:55:31Console^1Team 1:^0 ^ twincannon ^0&^ fux ^0&^ ? ^0&^ ?
21:55:31Console^2Team 2:^0 ^ oreo ^0&^ ? ^0&^ Hoop ^0&^ ?
21:55:54beeesthat time it worked ehh
21:56:11beeesrodox how many hits to take down a gun after a nadE?
21:56:24rodoxin tfc it was one nade + one shotty
21:56:25rodoxidk in FF
21:56:59beeesbuild a gun?
21:58:28beeeshow does squeek do it
22:01:03beeeshoop come blue
22:01:05beeesbuild me a gun
22:02:21iv| iddqd' K^.stop
22:02:24iv| iddqd' K^.blowing up our jpad
22:02:27iv| iddqd' K^.stop
22:02:30iv| iddqd' K^.buildig on our base
22:05:19iv| iddqd' K^.gg