Fortress Forever Log Parser
TimeNameGlobal ChatBlue ChatRed Chat
22:58:09L + ratiopenisworld tf
22:58:12Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PCO soldier killing it
22:58:15L + ratio.penis
22:58:18Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PCpyro allowed?
22:58:40Chickenyouz, if you shoot your teammates, it makes them go fast
22:58:49Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PChe was a real good button defense on O
22:58:51Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PCshould do good
22:59:11Chickenyouz, go demo, and use your slot 6 item near all of your teammates
22:59:20Youzfreindly fire is on
22:59:21Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PCpwned
22:59:25L + ratiogo to console and type unbindall
22:59:34Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PCwe need a new bind for snake
22:59:39PhilOK that's IT! Somebody call an admin. I want your screenshots AND your demos. ur busted now buddy! 3|50
23:00:06*GurL voice* nilebutton about to be a flood gate
23:00:07L + ratio.penis
23:00:08L + ratio.snakey
23:00:13Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PClol
23:00:19Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PCempty launcher all day
23:00:34Chickenslot 6 on demo heals your teammates
23:00:50Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PCnoob
23:00:57*GurL voice* nilenoob
23:01:01*GurL voice* nileim gonna 360 no scope u
23:01:05*GurL voice* nile:D
23:02:15kohi yes
23:16:02Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PCgg
23:16:17Halo Infinite MP Free Beta PCgg